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Innovative Platforms to Harness the Immune System to Destroy Cancer Cells

Personalized therapy based on immune cells tailored to attack the tumor, while minimizing toxicity to health tissue.

Tailored Therapeutics is leveraging two platforms to create novel cell therapy products.  Using proprietary markers and insights from genomic analysis, Tailored Therapeutics tailors personalized treatments consisting of tens of billions of T-cells primed to attack the patient’s tumor.


Next Generation TIL-Based Therapeutics

Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes or TILs are immune system cells that have penetrated the tumor.  Tailored’s technology leverages proprietary next generation methods to identify tumor-reactive T-cells and therefore develop a cell therapy product comprised of the best tumor fighters.  Advanced genomics and single cell analysis capabilities have produced important insights into proprietary markers and genomic signature characteristic of tumor-fighting T-cells found within TIL.


Engineered T-cell Therapeutics (therapeutic TCRs)

Families of T-cell receptors have been sequenced and characterized corresponding to share neoantigens to common mutations found in many cancers. These TCR families correspond to HLA sub-types frequented in upwards of 60-80% of the population. Using advanced gene editing technology, the patient’s own T-cells are redirected to targeted neoantigens expressed by the patient’s tumor.