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Synergistic Platforms to Harness the Immune System to Destroy Cancer Cells

Personalized therapy based on immune cells tailored to attack the tumor, while minimizing toxicity to health tissue.

Tailored Therapeutics is integrating three proprietary platforms to offer cancer patients and their physicians a new mode of therapy to attack their tumors – tumor reactive T-cells for adoptive cell therapy.  Using proprietary markers and insights from genomic analysis, Tailored Therapeutics tailors personalized treatments consisting of tens of billions of T-cells primed to attack the patient’s tumor.



TCELLEREX is Tailored Therapeutics' platform for delivery of tumor reactive T-cells for adoptive cell therapy (ACT).  TCELLEREX has application across multiple tumor types, including solid tumors.  The technology leverages proprietary biomarkers to select the T-cells from the patient's peripheral blood or tumor most likely to have reactivity with patient's tumor.  Selected T-cells are expanded and returned for infusion to the patient.



T-REXOME is Tailored Therapeutics' platform that enables development of deep genomic insights into the patient's immune system tumor response.  T-REXOME leverages next-generation genomic sequencing to analyze the patients healthy and cancer tissue to identify mutations in the tumor.  Armed with insights into the exact T-cells responsible for fighting the tumor, scientists at Tailored Therapeutics can engineer specialized T-cells to express the receptor or enrich tumor reactive cells to fight the tumor.



TREXACT is Tailored Therapeutics' platform for tracking, tracing, cryopreservation, and storage of T-cells.  The TREXACT platform tracks cells for use in TCELLEREX and is a core competency to ensure the patients exact T-cells are delivered back to the same patient for treatment.