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A Tailored Approach is Woven Into Our DNA

 Tailored Therapeutics’ DNA

Treatment of cancer is not one size fits all.  We believe every patient is different and requires a tailored approach.  This mentality is woven into our DNA at Tailored.

RESPECT in every interaction with patients, physicians, collaborators, suppliers, or employees.

INNOVATION in every step of our product discovery and development process is a core element of our DNA.

Collaboration among all of our employees, with academic centers, physicians, patients, and suppliers is paramount to our success.

EXCELLENCE is the common thread that is woven through all our work at Tailored Therapeutics.

A PASSION to drive a better future.  We see the possible not the impossible.  We have great passion in our mission to improve the lives of people with cancer.


Our strategy is to leverage our proprietary platforms to develop products that harness the immune system to destroy cancer cells.  We are developing four products based on our platforms.  Our initial focus is on treatment of solid tumors, the tumors responsible for the majority of cancer deaths each year in the United States.